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    I'm Saad

    I do recreational mathematical code and make artistic music with it! GitHub

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    Developer Relation

    I co-founded and managed Google Developer Groups in Dubai since 2010 gdgdubai

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About me

You exist now, do something that matter!

Passionate learner and lover of spreading knowledge.

Saad is talking about himself in 3rd person. He's a hard worker who can get obsessed with his task until its done. He's fun to work with and like to joke around and spread smiles. He either has a smile or food in his mouth. Saad doesn't believe people should write their own description as many people lie to get ahead in life. If you wanna know me, i mean him.. talk to us.

Thank you for reading this, come again for another update #NoEmoji

Developer Relation


Data Scientist

Solution Developer

100+ projects done sucessfully!

Open Source mentality
What I do?

Some projects

Classical Music AI

Taught the machine to create it's own classical music on Python

Health Insurance

Built a classifier to accept or reject medical claims

Predicting Diabetes

>Use patients medical records to predict if they will get diabetes and do early intervention

Fraud Detection

Detect if doctors' fraudulent behavior such as over claiming medication of doing suspicious activities


Giving talks at various tech events and free classes with Google GDG

GDG events
Speaker at events
Over all attendees
My Specialty


Private music teach for electic guitar exclusively. I'm heavily influenced by Metal, Progressive Metal and Jazz. The style in infused with electronic ambient feel with a middle eastern taste

Progressive Metal

NeoClassical Metal



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